Adding support for norwegian nutrition camera

I believe only the words needs to be supported?
If i try taking a picture of the nutritions of a norwegian product only the word "protein" will be added.

In Norway products will be listed with:

"Næringsinnhold per" "per 100g" "per stk (For example 35g)"
"Energi" "X KJ" "X KCAL"
"FETT" "X g" "X g"
"Hvorav mettede fettsyrer" "X g" "X g"
"Karbohydrater" "X g" "X g"
"Hvorav sukkerarter" "X g" "X g"
"Kostfiber" "X g" "X g"
"Protein" "X g" "X g"
"Salt" "X g" "X g"

In english:

"Nutritional content per" "per 100g" "per piece (For example 35g)"
"Energy" "X KJ" "X KCAL"
"FAT" "X g" "X g"
"Of which saturated fatty acids" "X g" "X g"
"Carbohydrates" "X g" "X g"
"Of which sugars" "X g" "X g"
"Dietary fiber" "X g" "X g"
"Protein" "X g" "X g"
"Salt" "X g" "X g"

Theres very few Norwegian products in the cronometer database, and this would make everything much easier for me to add in all kinds of Norwegian products to the cronometer database :)


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