Deleting Apple Health data

I've been using Cronometer for almost a year. I've been using my Apple Watch to track my exercise and calories so I have activity level set to 0 in Cronometer.

Lately the activity data from my watch has not been syncing to my phone. I've tried all sorts of things to get it to work but it appears to be broken for good. For this and other similarly irritating reasons, I'm considering chucking the watch and just using the standard activity calculations in Cronometer.

Problem is: when I set my activity from 0 to say 3, it appears to be retroactive so it skews all of my numbers for the past year because it adds those extra calories on top of the already synced Apple Health data.

Is there a way to wipe my data and start over w/o deleting my account? Or deleting all the Apple Health stuff out of the app? Any other ideas how I can fix this?



  • Hello @Spencer ,

    I've also once experienced an issue with my Apple Watch not syncing with my phone, an Apple Genius recommended resetting my phone and watch and it fixed the issue! (quite long to do though, and was annoying since the watch was only a month old).

    You could delete the Apple Health data from Cronometer by first disconnecting Cronometer from Apple Health in the Settings tab.

    You'll then manually have to go through each day and delete the Apple Health entries.


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  • That's unfortunate. It would be 100s of days so that's not going to happen. Luckily, I only had to unpair the watch, delete the activity app from the phone, then re-pair it. No need to wipe the phone (which is ridiculous!). It's been syncing again for a few days now thankfully.

  • Great to hear that un-pairing and re-pairing worked!

    I wasn't so lucky and spent many hours on the phone with Apple trying everything!

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  • Did you delete the app as well? That's what did it for me. I wiped before w/o deleting the app (which deletes the local cached data which is probably being corrupted somehow) and that didn't work.

  • @Marie_Eve_H - Spoke too soon. I kind of figured this would happen. It just stopped syncing again yesterday. The last thing to do now is wipe the watch AND the phone like you did but I don't think I will do that. I might try a FitBit instead.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply.

  • Hello @Spencer,

    If you're only not using an activity tracker for a few days, you could also add a custom exercise to your diary for those days and enter the activity level estimate. This can only be done on the website:

    Hope you can get your watch fixed!


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  • Launch the Health app from your Home screen.
    Choose a category.
    Select the subject, such as Active Energy or Sleep Analysis, from which you wish to remove data.
    Tap Show All Data.
    Find the data that you want to remove and tap Edit.

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