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Hello, loving the app and all, but i m assuming most of the people using this app plan their day ahead. In the morning i put all the food in the list and then eat it during day. My problem is that sometimes i tend to forget what i have eaten already, so i would really appreaciate to have a simple "check mark" with toggle button in the item menu (swipe item to right, settings wheel). This must be super easy to implement with what you have already (i would even do it myself if i found your source code somewhere :wink: )


  • Thanks for your suggestion! We love getting feature requests from our users, as they help direct development of the app for your needs. I will pass this along to our team.

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  • Hey Infiniter, great suggestion and I do the same thing; I meal prep so enter everything for the week in on Sunday night. What I've thought of doing is when I enter it all, leave the "time" field blank. Then when I eat those items, I fill in the time of when I ate those items that day. That way the time kind of works as the checkmark that I ate it.

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    I’ve tried to use the time stamp to ‘check off’ eaten items. The only issue I’ve found is when I copy an item from a previous day to today or to a day in the future, the time stamp travels with it. That makes meal planning with the time stamp a little more cumbersome, because I then have to clear the time stamps.

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  • where do you have that? i m using this only as app on android and i cant see it being there :/

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    On iPhone I go to Settings / Diary Settings and there is a toggle to “Show Timestamp in Diary”.

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  • heh sadly its premium feature, thanks for information anyway !

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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