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Hi all!
It would be great if I could scan food items once them be able to go back to a list another day and choose it without rescanning.

I live the barcode scan feature but it is a bummer scanning each time


  • Hi @Fat2fit4me_ ,
    If you have scanned a food, it should be showing up as a custom food for you. Once we have added this scanned food to our database it will show up in the search bar as both your custom food saved copy as well as a CRDB saved item. You can use the search bar to add the food after you have scanned it once!

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  • Thanks for replying Hilary!
    When I go to add food I selected custom but it is empty. Should I be doing something at the time I scan?

  • Ok, on the app I don't even see custom.
    However I just went to look again and after select g add food you have an option of typing in food or scanning- I noticed under the search bar that the last 2 things I scanned are there.

    Part of the mystery solved, thanks

  • Hilary, how long does it take because I'm with Fat2fit4me! And thanks for the answer that we wanted!

  • If you select "Add Food" , the search dialogue will appear. On the search dialogue you will see a number of tabs. The tab furthest to the right is labelled "Custom" this tab will show foods for which you have named and inputted data. If you have previously scanned a barcode and then simply selected the food that appeared on your screen, this food is already in our database and as such, is not a custom food for you. For these foods, to make searching easier, add the food as a favourite; select add food, then select the food's name (Or scan the barcode). You will then be able to tap the star on the left hand side of the screen to mark it as a favourite. Once you have marked a food as a favourite you can access it more easily than searching the entire database to ensure that you are selecting the same product again that you have previously entered in to your diary. To learn more about the new search tabs take a look at the blog

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  • Fat2fit4me, you have to go clear to the right of the area under the search bar to see custom.

  • Hilary, how long does it take for custom entries to show up on my list?

  • Hi Gidg,
    If you create a custom food it should show up immediately in the "Custom" tab of the search dialogue and in the Custom Foods List on the "Foods" Page in your web browser version of Cronometer. (You might have to refresh the page!) If it doesnt show up immediately, enter the name of the food in the search bar, and it should appear then!

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