Homemade GF bread

I made my own gluten-free bread so I know all the ingredients and how many slices I get from each loaf. What's the best way for me to (a) create my loaf and get accurate ingredients listing and (b) easiest way to enter this in my diary.

I'm trying to cut carbs and it would be really useful for me to see the difference between a slice of my yogurt/almond bread with 3 eggs, versus another loaf that has less almond flour and some oat flour and starch etc.


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    Never mind! I figured it out by adding Custom Foods and making a Custom Recipe.

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    FYI, If you use a Flour Blend from a book (most gluten-free baking books offer one or two "blends" of flours), then you should create each blend first as a Custom Recipe. Books usually suggest mixing up a large quantity (like 1000 grams) and storing it in a container.

    Then when you make your bread, you can add the Flour Blend custom recipe to the Bread custom recipe, and set how many grams you've used. Then figure out how many slices you normally get (like 10 or 12), and then you'll be able to see the carbs and nutrients in each slice.

    Very nice feature as this was really hard to do before as I actually use 2 blends (from the Gluten-Free Girl) plus 3 or 4 more flours (one of which is a blend) in one loaf! It is rather yumy and it turns out my bread is not that bad for me, although I'm making a few new ones just to compare.

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