Need macro % of TOTAL CALORIES

My nutrition plan calls for a simple macro breakdown of carb/fat/protein as a percentage of the total calories. I've been doing this for many months, and really need that simple visual to keep me on my daily targets.

Is there any way to set this up on Cronometer?

I can ONLY FIND percentages of the targets for those macros, not percentage of total calories. Please help!!! I've already paid for an entire year. Thanks!


  • Hi @marynp sounds like setting fixed targets would be the best for your needs. Calculate out the % of calories for each nutrient and enter the gram amount!

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  • That’s too time consuming. I thought that the software should be able to do this. Is needed for the Fasting Mimicking Diet which is getting more and more popular.

  • thank you Lizb.

    Hilary: fixed values don't work at all. I need percentage CALORIES for macros: Carb/Fat/Protein.

    FIXED values give me precise macros OR calories. There is no option for calculated the percentage of the actual calories consumed.

    SURE i could get that up on a nice spreadsheet, but i was really hoping that the software would organize that for me. Like the Fitbit site does. I didn't imagine that the very thing i need most is the ONE THING Cronometer does not offer. Fitbit lacks most of the other features I love about Cronometer.

    So the workaround is to plug into fitbit the total macros and calories for the day, but that is a BIG extra step for a caclulation Cronometer could EASILY incorporate as one of its MANY choices.

  • @Lizb you're right it is pretty time consuming, but hopefully should work as a work around until we are able to implement a better way to do it within the software. I can certainly see how adding an option like this would ease setting targets significantly so will pass your suggestion along to the team.

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  • I have found I can do this on MyFitnessPal. Hope to be able to do it here before too long.

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