Quick-Add for calories only

I wish there were a "quick add" option for just inputting calories on the go. Both for the iphone app and the pc/web app.

Also an easy way to take that "calories-only" quick-added entry and turn it into a specific food if you have time later, so that all the nutrients get tracked.

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    Hi @talkingmountain,
    Another great suggestion! Thank you! We really do value feedback from our users! For now, to quickly add a food, you can select "Create New food" on the web version ("Add new food" on the app) and create a name for the food as well as a serving size and serving name. Then just add whatever information you would like to quickly see (ie. add calories only) and save it for later. If it makes it easier for you to organize, I would suggest writing in the notes section something like "edit food to add more nutrients" for your own information to remember later! When you add a custom food, unless you select "publish food" from the settings drop down menu, it will be saved only in your own custom foods so you can really just put whatever information is relevant to you in the nutrition facts table. \

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    For others landing here from a search, this hasn't been implemented yet, but there is now an official workaround.

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