Multiple Duplicates of workouts

Hi, I’ve searched this forum, and seen a lot of people talking about similar issues, but not this one (as far as I can tell). So my issue is that my Cronometer syncs with Apple Health. A.H. often duplicates third party workouts, but when I delete these both from A.H. and from Cronometer, the A.H, versions stay deleted, but Cronometer “un-deletes” them and puts them back into by Diary. Currently I have three iterations of a workout that won’t go away. I will say that it can’t be Apple Health exactly, bc. I’m, just coming from MyFitnessPal and did not have this problem (but love Cronometer, so want it to work smoothly).



  • I'm having the same problem with Garmin and Apple Health both inputting the same workout. Apple Health also inputs "active energy" that Garmin does not add. I'm not sure if I should just disconnect Garmin entirely since my Apple Health is also synced with Garmin?

  • Hello @Jas66 ,

    It's most likely the third party app that is writing the workout twice into Apple Health.

    You would have to delete the double workout from Apple Health. Apple Health > Today tab > tap on the Workout red box > scroll down and tap Show All Data. From there you should see the double workout and be able to delete one of the duplicates!

    If Garmin is also linked to Apple Health, I would advise to either un-link Garmin from Apple Health or Cronometer to not double count the calories.


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  • Hi Marie, just FYI, I had previously deleted the multiple iterations from the Apple Health-Today-Workout page; however, I noted that the source app (Strava, which is not connected to Cronometer) also had three iterations of the workout. So while they were deleted in the Apple workout page, they still seem to be syncing. No big deal, but I was surprised that the data in the app’s page may be syncing even though they were deleted on the Apple Health workout data page.

  • @Jas66 ,

    Once they're deleted from Apple Health, you should be able to delete them from Cronometer, and they won't re-sync!

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