adding custom recipes to my food diary

I have figured out how to make a recipe, but cannot see how to add it to my food diary. Does someone out there know how?


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    Hi @chamb7

    All you have to do to add the recipe to your diary on any given day is to click the add food button then type the name of your recipe. It should appear in the results on the search box. You can also click the custom tab to see all your custom foods and recipes and add it there.

    Let me know if that helps :)



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  • I've added a crustless sausage and spinach quiche and set the serving to 1 (the entire pie) when I log the food I log what I ate i.e. 1/8 of the entire. I've logged a Spanish cauliflower rice and used 1 for the serving when I created the recipe. Cronometer says the total weight is 765 grams. I plop what I want in a bowl sitting on a scale set to zero and enter the amount in my log as xx/765.

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