Lost Information - Mobile app

I have been using chronometer to track assorted nutrients as I've been troubleshooting some of my difficulties eating, I get these symptoms that I'm working through with my doctor. Sometimes it's to restrict some nutrients like, salt or cholesterol, other's it's to make sure I'm getting enough, like magnesium and potassium.

In both these cases I would use the complete daily nutrition information to scroll to a nutrient, click on it, and then see which sources contributed the most or the least so I could quickly get information on what would be best to eat to hit a target, or to avoid eating too much.

Last night's update took this away from me. I can still sort of get this information from the nutrition info at the top of the diary, but it 1) doesn't show as many listings per nutrient, 2) requires that I constantly go into settings to make something show up there. 3) doesn't work for just checking how I'm doing for a meal - I subscribe to gold.

I need that feature back please, it's the only way I could eat enough calories.



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