Happy news: the "replace food A by food B for all times backward" feature is there!

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Hi, this post is not a feature request, but happy news: I got a message from @Marie_Eve_H that this long-avaited feature is now available. It is not directly available to users but you need to request an admin to do it for you. (Which I fully approve, I think it is very well placed into the hand of admins!!). Wanted to share this happy news with all of you.

So what can this wonderful feature be used for?
Here is what I will use it for:

  1. Crono often has dozens of foods that are essentially the same but come from different databases, brands, etc. Some have a much more detailed nutritional breakdown. I sometimes logged on the less detailed one.

  2. More importantly, this feature would enable me to replace a standard Crono food onto which I logged in the past by my own self-defined food. Many nutrients are lacking in Crono but can be found in other excellent quality nutrition databases:
    I like the most the Danish Frida database, which has nutrients almost entirely lacking in Crono such as biotin, chromium, molybdenum and nickel. (remark: there is no place foreseen for nickel in Crono, but you can simply sacrifice some unimportant nutrient for it. For example I never consume caffeine bc I don't tolerate any.) Also there are many foods in it lacking in crono such as raw chervil (featuring the astounding 400mg calcium/100g. Anyone taking Ca supplements will be better off growing chervil on their balcony! I do that and it is much more tasty than parsley. :)
    the British food composition table, a downloadable excel sheet (bigggg :):
    NEVO-online (netherlands food DB): https://nevo-online.rivm.nl/ProductenZoeken.aspx
    Indian food lovers will enjoy the surprisingly high-quality Indian food composition table. You will easily find it online for free.

  3. This feature makes up for another, currently missing feature: Currently, one cannot display when one has eaten how much of a certain food. Using this replace feature it is easy: just replace the food by a self-defined food (use the "edit a copy" feature) and then set some irrealistic nutrient (e.g. 1kg of alcohol) and then display the alcohol intake chart. Done.

  4. A personal goal: I have years of data in Crono. Years ago, I switched to a ketogenic diet. I had to eat lots of foods that are very healthy and tasty, but rarely consumed today. For these there are no proper data on Crono, but the data can be found elsewhere but I did not find them immediately and often noted food intake onto other foods instead (horseradish leaves, sardines sashimi, raw chervil, .......) Now, using this feature, I can properly relate intake of nutrients to health changes.

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