Samsung Gear & Samsung Health

I would really love to sync my Chronometer app with my Gear and my Samsung Health. Is that going to be a possibility any time soon?


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    @ll_5 I am pleased to report we have released a new build of Cronometer to our Beta testing group for initial testing of an integration with samsung health!
    If you would like to get access sooner and give us feedback before it goes live, you are welcome to join our Beta testing group.
    If you are interested, Please send an email to our Beta test coordinator, Spencer, at beta@cronometer.com with the following information:

    · Your Name
    · Your Cronometer account email
    · Your account status, i.e. Gold subscriber, Free, or paid app
    · Your android device i.e. Galaxy s7
    · The device's android OS version (here's how to check that)

    We are very excited to hear what our users think about this integration!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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