Web mini-feature missing from the phone app

I am trying to balance my macros across three meals each day, and when using the web-based app, I can trivially see what each meal has contributed to the day by selecting "breakfast", at which point the "Macronutrient Targets" portion of the page shows the macro numbers for just that meal (or perhaps more correctly, for everything entered under "breakfast").

In the iOS app, however, I can't do this very easily. I have to use multi-select to individually pick everything under a given meal, and then select "Show Nutrition Summary" to get this information. It's far more tedious.

Also, getting OUT of "multi select mode" is annoying, as you you have to select another page in the app (i.e. Diary, Foods, Trends or Settings) and then the UI returns to normal.

Any chance you can make it easier to quickly select an entire meal and limit the macronutrient display in the iOS app, to make it behave like the web app, or is that just not feasible?


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