Enable/Disable food in a group to measure its impact on the macros/nutrients

A nice feature would be adding the possibility to enable/disable food items in a group so comparisons can be made with different combinations when scheduling meals, i.e.: in the Diary view, sliding right an item from a group reveals the gear icon, there could be a menu item added called Disable, that will disable the item from calculations and so the user could compare and decide.


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    Thanks for the suggestion! I will certainly pass this idea along. Currently, I would recommend using the drag and drop function, to move a food in and out of that group to the difference it will make.

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    I also sometimes set the portion to zero to see its impact; this allows keeping it in the group. I do this, too, for food items that I alternate within a group from day to day - set the one I eat to its portion size and set the other to zero.

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