More than one set of macro targets, and the ability to set them per-day

I started working with a very respected scientist and personal trainer, who has me on an interesting diet. I hit the gym for extremely intense resistance training 4 days a week, and o those days, I'm consuming about 2300 calories, with a prescribed set of macro ratios. On the rest days, however, I'm following a "protein sparing modified fast", which has me eating about 1500 calories per day.

I have simply set my macro targets to match the training days, but it would be super convenient to have more than one set of targets, perhaps with names assigned to them, and to be able to select a specific set of targets for a specific day.

I realize this may represent a pretty major code change, but I also think it might be a pretty powerful improvement, if it's possible.

Can't hurt to ask, right? :-P


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    I'd love to see this!
    Some days are high carb, others are not. Same with calories.

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    @lunatick YES! You're right it is a pretty significant change, but this is something we agree with - Will be very useful for many different demographics and use-cases.

    We are currently in the process of developing support for this. Stay tuned on our social media channels and forum for updates.
    If you would like to get access sooner and give us feedback before it goes live, you are welcome to join our Beta testing group.
    If you are interested, Please send an email to our Beta test coordinator, Spencer, at beta@cronometer.com with the following information:

    If you use iOS:
    • Your Name
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    Yes! I want this too please!

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