Cronometer won’t Connect with Garmin Connect

What am I doing wrong here? I put in my Garmin login/pw and accept the agreement, then the link button remains link. It never switches over the unlink. I click link again, and it asks for permission again, and on and on.

I had no trouble linking my Fitbit.


  • I’ve also noticed that in Garmin Connect Cronometer isn’t listed as an available Third Party app.

    Im a gold read ($) member and pretty bummed these don’t work together ☹️

  • @mikeruns Cronometer wont be listed in the Garmin app, as we do not export Cronometer values to Garmin. The first issue that you mentioned however sounds like a bug, as importing Garmin data to Cronometer is a feature for both gold and free users. Please try following the instructions listed in our troubleshooting article!
    Please let me know if this does not resolve the issue.

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  • Thank you, Hilary. A few hours after posting this, I tried again, and it worked. So my Garmin is now linked to the app, which is great. It must be a bug of some kind because I didn't do anything different.

    Another thing has come up:

    My Garmin also talks with Apple Health, which I connected to Cronometer. I noticed last night that it was double reporting in Cronometer i.e. -557 cals from Garmin, and -557 cals from Apple Health in my Cronometer feed. I turned off Apple Health from talking with Cronometer in Chrometer settings, and that double reporting isn't happening today. Is that the right way to set this up? Am I losing anything by breaking the Cronometer/Apple Health connection?

  • @mikeruns If you use both Apple Health and Garmin, and have them both liked to each other and both linkled to Cronometer, this will cause problems. Please unlink one of them from Cronometer, or unlink them from each other to rectify the issue.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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