[suggestion] Add/edit food screen UI improvements

Please don't take my feedback personally: I really like the app, but I find the new look of the 'add food' screen a little annoying. Please see my points below.

1. Unnecessary second tap to activate text input

Since I'm a daily user, it is important for me to add food as quickly as I can. Having to tap twice every time I add something to my diary results in dozens of unnecessary taps per day.
It would make me so much happier if text input field was automatically selected as soon as I entered the 'Add food' screen

2. Recent foods

I don't find the new list of automatically suggested foods useful. Currently it shows recently added foods. However, I am not likely to add something again if it's recently been added to my diary. It would be better if the this list showed most commonly used foods from last 30 non-empty days, or something similar.

3. Ability to see calories when editing amount

Sometimes I know the exact calories in my food, but I don't know the weight. It is important for me to see how calories change when I edit weight, but now I need to scroll up and down to see how calories change depending on the amount of food entered. Would it be possible to shrink the height of the top part of the 'edit food' so that I can see calories without having to scroll?

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