Question about Samsung Health

I'm still waiting to be enrolled in the beta, but I'm curious before I get started with it. I currently sync S Health through Google Fit. If I get added to the beta and turn on S Health sync, will that sync only the current day or all past history as well? Just want to know if I should turn off Google fit and delete the historical transactions (not that many days) before I set up the S Health integration.


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    It will only sync, the current day, the day before and the day after. Navigating to different days in the diary will cause those days to be synced as well.

    If you want further days synced, then utilize the backfill function, by clicking on the calendar icon that appears after connecting to SamsungHealth in Cronometer.

    Connecting SamsungHealth in Cronometer won't delete your existing Google Fit entries imported into Cronometer.

    So if I'm understanding you correctly, then yes, you would want to delete the GoogleFit entries in Cronometer, otherwise you would be seeing them freshly imported from SamsungHealth, but also the older entries imported via GoogleFit.

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    Awesome. Thanks for the info!

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