[Bug] Phone app edit popups not showing if on Currently Fasting header

Easy to work around but thought I'll report it anyway.

Cronometer version v3.3.0 (b525-AF-S2-PL-LR-XAG)
Device: Google Pixel 3
OS: Android 10

1. Enable fasting and have a currently running fast.
2. On the phone app Diary page, swipe at the top so that the Currently Fasting header is the active one.
3. Tap any existing entry in the Diary section (food, biometric, notes). The edit entry dialogue is not popping up.
4. Swipe away Currently Fasting to any of the three other headers. Tapping existing entry will bring up the edit entry dialogue again.

1. The edit entry dialogue for food, biometric and notes are not showing if the "Currently Fasting" section is active at the top (with a running fast?) on the Android phone app.
2. Scrolling up and down the diary on the "Currently Fasting" with an active fast is also slower than on other headers.


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