Food Filter and sort + Real life functionality

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It would be great to have a way to sort and filter ingredients.
I'm thinking about something like this:
In Search Foods, all macro ingredients and calories are shown per 100gr, in the header of the list. Clicking on a header of a column sorts ascending on that column. Clicking again sorts decedending.

Above those sorting headers there are filter headers that can filter on percentage or grams (bit like the Oracle)

Those filters can be saved for later use.
The result of such a filter could be a list of all ingredients that match:

  • Carbs <20%
  • Fat >60%
  • Sorted on highest fat first and the same values are sub-sorted on Carbs lowest first.

Or when looking for a low calorie protein bomb:

  • Protein >70%
  • Calories <40/100gr
  • Sorted on highest protein and sub-sorted on lowest calories.

This functionality can be turned into something absolutely great if it also has a keyword filter.
That's best explained by a real life example.
It's not always possible to stick to the diet. At least it's not in my life.
So let's say it's decided by the group it's time for fast food.
Then I select the category Fastfood and filter something least worst for my diet. That turns out to be Chicken Nuggets at Burger King.
Or the group decides to go to Arby's. In that case I select the category Fastfood and keyword Arby's, and filter for the least worst.

Or say I want the healthiest hamburger in town. I filter on keyword hamburger and my macro's. That way I know what's best for me. Regular, cheese, bacon. Perhaps a triple because that extra meat changes the carbs (bun) protein (meat) ratio.

Or for example, select a 300 calorie fast food meal that fits best in my fasting plan.

This is what I'm missing most, by far, in cronometer. No doubt it has great and useful functionality for a controlled environment like your kitchen.

But (almost) zero functionality for those who are forced to eat elsewhere for whatever reason.
Or just that time when I want to be social. Yeah I could let my friend eat in the dining while I wait in the car with my low-carb salad, but that's not how I want to lead my life.

That said, I think that the lack of this sort of functionality (not just in Chronometer) causes many people to fail with their diets. The programs are geared only to controlled environments but not to eating outdoors, to chaotic lives. The programs almost turn eating into laboratory event, but forgets that many can't always live that way. Those people will say "that diet is impossible" and give up totally. But would have moderately successful if the software told them the chickenburger is to be prefered over the hamburger...

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