Dynamic Calorie Goals


So my ideal calorie settings would look like this:

  • Minimum Calorie goal: 1500.
  • Maximum Calorie goal: 2000

Where I'm set at the minimum regardless of my deficit. As my Fitbit updates my calories burned, I would want it to stay at the minimum until my calories burned is high enough for it to lift from that minimum - eg. for a 500 calorie deficit, once I reach 2000 calories burned, the calorie goal begins to move, 2100 calories burned = 1600 goal, and so on. Then, once my calories burned is above the Maximum Goal + Deficit (in this example, 2000 + 500), the goal stops moving upwards and holds at 2000, no matter where my final calories burned number ends up.

This would be helpful because I have my desired deficit set quite high (750), but on days where I work from home, I'm barely burning above my BMR of ~1650 - I hit maybe 1800 which means Cronometer often wants me to eat 1000-1100 calories which is way too low for me. I hate seeing the Above indicator when I know that it's only because I'm not willing to go that low with my calories.

I also want to be able to capitalise a bit more on my high activity days. Having Cronometer increase my goal makes it tempting for me to eat up to that goal when I don't particularly want or need to.


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