how can i remove the automatic entry in calories burned

Just wondering how i can remove the BMR recording so no automatic calories burned are added accept for what is synced from my garmin device.



  • Go to Settings/Profile and change BMR to custom, then you just put 0 in kcals.

  • Hello @sara34,

    We don't import the BMR from Garmin, so you might want to keep your BMR in Cronometer.

    We calculate the calories burned at the beginning of the day to show how many calories you are going to need for the whole day. This is why you are seeing a calorie deficit or 'Calories Burned' at the start of day. This helps you better plan your calorie allowance for the day.

    However, We recommend setting your activity level to none if you are importing your activity from Garmin.

    You activity Level can be changed in the Settings tab.


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