Feature request: Ability to see how each ingredient in a RECIPE contributes to micro/macro nutrients

edited December 2019 in Feature Requests

Note: I mostly use the android app.

There's a great feature on the diary where you can tap on the calories or protein etc and see what things you have eaten in the day contributes to that total.

I would like the same feature for recipes, so for example when I see how many grams of fat are in the recipe, I know which ingredients are contributing that total so I can tweak the recipe to better reflect my nutritional goals.

Maybe this feature already exists: if so, let me know how to access it.


(Real life example that triggered this post: I made a delicious dinner of mussels and cherry tomatoes in creme fraiche on zucchini noodles. I was surprised how high the total carbs were, and I clicked on every single ingredient trying to find out the cause. The last ingredient left unclicked was the mussels; turns out mussels are 18% carbs! Who knew? It would have been much easier if I could have clicked on the carbs and seen it straight away. I have exploded the recipe so you can see what I would like to be able to see while creating or editing the recipe



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