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Not sure whether this is a bug or not, but wanted to mention...

In the diary screen (on the webpage) I see that activities are shown (as imported from Garmin). I have also configured Cronometer to show Net Carbs in the Summary column.
However, I only noticed today that, even though the Summary column header is "Net Carbs", the entry in this column shows a negative number. (E.g. the following listing is seen: Daily Activity (Garmin) || 47 minutes || -78 (where || shows the separation between columns)).
Now, I understand that the negative numbers actually refers to energy used, but this is not indicated on the webpage. In the app, "kcals" is shown after the number.

M : 52 : 5'10" : Keto & IF


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    Hi Mark, That's a good point. We should certainly be defining the units in this case. I have logged this as a bug.

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    Your Activity Log will also help you understand whether or not you're doing your most important work during the right time of day. For instance, if you're more energetic and creative in the morning, you'd be better off doing your most important work during this time. You can then focus on lower energy tasks, such as responding to emails or returning calls, in the afternoon.

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