New Recipe/Full Recipe

edited January 2020 in Bug Reports

Two Issues: 1) When you go to add a new recipe, the words "New Recipe" are place-setters. When you start adding letters to name the recipe, "New Recipe" doesn't automatically disappear as it should. So you write Barley Soup, but the result is "New Barley Recipe Soup". It's simple enough to delete the new + recipe, but it shouldn't be necessary. 2) I just added a recipe of two items. One weighs 189 grams, the other 672 grams. When you are in the process of creating the recipe, it will say "Full Recipe, 861 grams". When you attempt to add that recipe to the Diary, you have the option of adding in grams or Full Recipe. If I want to add .25 of the Full Recipe to the Diary, no problem. But, if afterwards, I want to know the amount of grams contained in 25% of the Full Recipe, the system doesn't show that information. Non-custom foods CAN be converted from cups or tablespoon to grams, simply. Not so with custom recipes. When you attempt to convert .25 of the Full Recipe, it shows .25 grams. It should show 215 grams, 25% of the full recipe.

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