Fasting features

There are a few features it's like to see for fasting:

1) Auto detection - if I do not enter food for some period of time it would be cool for cronometer to have the option to automatically start a fast for me. Just one less manual step to tracking fasting, my fasting can be sporadic at times and it can be motivational to realize how far I am already in a fast.

2) Fasting planning - Ability to plan out a week in advance fasting hours. Just easier to manage/balance fasting and feasting if you can visually see it in a plan.

3) Fasting menu item on main front page




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    Re the second feature request, I haven't tried it for myself yet, but you might already be able to do that.

    For example, under Fasting Settings, schedule a fast for each day of the week, 7 fasts in total, and set it to repeat every week.

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    Thank you, your right you can plan fasting day by day and that can be useful, especially if you have static fasting periods. However I think though what I would like to see is a weekly planner so that you can knock the entire week out in one view. I tend to want to mix up the fasting durations and sometimes there are changes for planning around social events and so forth that pop up. Also for me it's easier to understand what I am actually doing by seeing a week block format, it can help to balance out fasting vs feasting.

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    edited November 2021

    I would love an automated fasting feature. I timer/clock that would automatically count up the time since I last ate. Then we could choose an option to pick weather to count the time as a fast and/or set a time the app would automatically count as a fast. Like I set the app to count anytime over 12 hours between food to count as a fasting period. Then we could have a graph showing how often and long we fast.

    I have another app where I place food in which does this. It makes me very happy.

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