Feature request: finding whole foods on app

I've just discovered you can do this with ease on the website.

I have blood oranges - one of the last seasonal fruits - and I know they are slightly different in nutrients from normal oranges. When I tried to search for them, I was confronted by a huge list - all of which seemed to be products containing traces of blood oranges, not whole foods. I scanned the list, and couldn't find the fruit.

I have just noticed on the web site you can select a category "fruits and juices" and that has enabled me to identify a branded item that is just the oranges - Melissa's. That option is not available on the android app, and scanning the complete list I did not notice that item. "Category" on the app actually has a different meaning from on the website, which is weird.

**So, requesting a way to easily find and add produce like blood oranges using the app.


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