Calorie deficit help please


I'm a little confused with the calorie deficit on my diary. I'm close to hitting my cals and macros but on further inspection I'm actually in a big calorie deficit. I thought that hitting my macros and 1840cal per day was my target. I did a 10 mile run yesterday and it put me in a 1393cal deficit even though my deficit was already calculated into my calories on the ketogains calculator. If I was to consume that many more calories surely it would mess up my macros?



  • Hitting your calories & your macros per day is your goal that is correct. Doing a 10 mile run, depending on your settings, will show the amount of calories burned on that run and add that amount to the calories left for the day. So if you ate your 1840 calorie allotment and then ran, the calories burned on that run will be added to calories available to be eaten. The run is essentially a deposit back into the calorie bank. You dont have to eat (withdrawal) them, they can just sit there and get wiped out with a new day. If you so desired you could have a treat with your extra calories, but as you said that would change your macros for the day.

  • Thanks for the help. I thought as much... Just wanted to be sure


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