New to Keto- Net Carbs vs. Carbs or tracking both

Hello everyone....congrats for all the successes and lessons learned in your program. I have tried different programs over the years ( mostly to maximize my health). I find if I don't focus on a program I fall back into the pattern of emotional eating and gain it all back over the following months. I hope to break that cycle and replace the old habit with a new one of exercise and good food.

I just started Keto on January 12th after using intermittent fasting since early December 2019. I went into ketosis after the third day with quite a bit of keto flu. I found in several sources that it is a good idea to stay at 20g of total carbs until my body has adjusted to fat burning. I am tracking net carbs also just to see if there is a pattern with the strip testing I am doing. I must admit, I am looking for to playing with the carb % after 8 weeks to see how many more I can add and stay in optimal ketosis. So few carbs just goes against so many other things I believed for years!

**Net Carbs and Total Carbs******
So......Is anyone else interested in seeing both Carbs and Net Carbs at the same time without having to switch the Targets? After talking with support, they put it in the suggestion box and suggested I mention it here to see how much interest there is...

Here is a link to the poll......

Thanks for reading. I read through a number of posts. Nice to be with people of like mind. Never give up and keep on trucking!

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