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Has anyone had experience with the Carnivore Diet. I am very impressed with everything I have researched about it. Would like to know if anyone on this venue has tried it?


  • Congratulations o0v0o. Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences along with the remarkable results you are achieving in weight loss and with the improvement in your overall health. You are certainly an inspiration to anyone contemplating this eating plan. I invite you to consider giving this forum updates as to how you are progressing, your story will help many. Thank you again.

  • Quite interesting o0v0o. I'm curious on what your LDL is.

  • Orthorexic_Owen, my apologies for taking a minute to reply to your question. I had to wait to see my Dr to get the facts. My LDL for my last three blood tests going from oldest to most recent are 1.72, 1.53, 1.35. Total cholesterol, triglycerides & HDL are also well under recommended levels and following the same downward trend as my LDL. I hope this answered your question. Cheers, Michael

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  • Michael, thank you very much for your continued willingness to share your experiences with the carnivore diet. These unfiltered replies are so helpful to anyone either starting the diet or perhaps questioning whether to continue it.Can you give us a typical day or two of your eating routine and foods consumed. Do you include cheeses or are you pure meat? Best, Sandpiper

  • @o0v0o I am not fully carnivore yet but I am getting there. Fair play to you and keep up the good work! I have gone from a standard high carbs diet to low carb to keto and now almost carnivore (eggs and cheese as well as meat). In the process of that journey over that past 10 months I have lost 30 kg and only have about 3 to go to be the weight I should be. At one point I was 40kg heavier than I am now. I am 72 and am told I need a triple bypass but all my research tells me that I can beat that rap and reverse the calcification. It won't be quick but better than open heart surgery at my age. I walk 5 to 10 km every day as well by the way.

  • @PuterMan I have been a full carnivore for over two years now. So far I have lost 64kgs!! I still have about 30 kg more to lose to be where I want to be weight wise which should happen next year. I have an apron of skin that must weigh at least 10 kg, but I am only on public health and the powers to be class that as 'cosmetic' surgery, so I'm not too sure what to do with that. As for eggs & cheese, I eat them both and often as they originate from animals, so I'd say you are pretty much a full carnivore for whatever that is worth to you... lol. I wish Cronometer would implement settings for a strict carnivore diet. I'm using strict modified keto settings, what about you??

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  • @o0v0o Yes modified keto. Not able to avoid carbs completely because of the cheese and liver both of which have carbs but most days under 15 recently.

    You know, fasting is apparently the answer for the apron of skin. From my research you need to be into the fast for more than three days but obviously if you have not been fasting take it easy!

    Don't go on a long fast first time round. I have done 4 days, and several shorter, and my next one coming up will be 5 days. I don't have as much loose skin to loose as you but I definitely do have some! Best of luck. Let me know how it goes.

  • @PuterMan I have been on OMAD since commencing full carnivore. I often feel so satiated that I will go one or two days without anything except water which I average around 4ltrs/day. Last week I fasted 3 days with no problems, and I am planning on attempting 5-7 days sometime before the end of the year. I will let you know my progress as milestones are reached. Stay strong mate...

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  • @o0v0o Good luck on the fast Michael. I remember reading somewhere that one guy with an major obesity problem ended up fasting 51 days and got rid of much of it. Autophagy is a great thing! He started out to do 3 days and just carried on. Not suggesting you attempt that but it just illustrates it can be done. Love your signature by the way. David.

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    I thought that I should give an update of my progress on the OMAD carnivore diet and Intermittent fasting.

    I have been more or less on this eating lifestyle for nearly three years now. My starting weight was 260 kg (573 Lbs). In December last year, I had lost over 1/2 of my body weight eating nothing but high fat meat. I weighed 120 Kg (264 Lbs) when I was allowed to undergo heart repair surgery (a story in and of itself).

    Since coming home from my heart operation, I celebrated by eating some ice cream, which is the first time I had eaten this junk food since beginning my carnivore journey. BAD BAD MOVE !! It tasted so yummy good that it became more of a staple than an irregular luxury item. After the ice cream, I tried chocolate chip cookies then, corn chips. I was now on a downward spiral that hooked me more for the tastes that I had been missing than anything else really.

    Long story short, our lives are ours to control or not, and I lost touch with that mindset for a period of time and as a result put 30 Kg (66 Lbs) back on. Some of you may understand the mental hammering I gave myself for being so weak willed.

    Well, the good news is that I am back on track and again losing Kg (Lbs) eating nothing but high fat moderate protein diet. This is done via a OMAD regime and at least one 48 hour fast per month. Indeed, I regularly actually do 7 day water fasts and can feel myself healing more and more every time I do one.

    So, with a repaired heart and massively less weight to haul around, my life has dramatically improved over the last couple of years and I totally put it down to the carnivore diet.

    Interestingly, three of my doctors who regularly monitor my bodily functions both pre and post my heart op are now convinced that there is merit in a carnivore diet (at least for some people). This has born out in all three of them recommending to select morbidly obese patients to consider going high fat carnivore as a possible solution to at least some of their patients challenges.

    I am here if anyone needs moral support, especially in the beginning.

    My opinion is this, Carnivore, OMAD and, Intermittent Fasting all work and exceptionally well. All it really takes is the mental willpower to trust in the process and genuinely give it a decent try...

    "Not all who wander down rabbit holes are lost"

  • @o0v0o Thanks indeed for the update on your progress and congratulations on getting back on track! That is difficult I know. Like you I have also had a heart op (triple CABG) earlier this year and in similar vein 'lost the plot' a bit just before and since the operation. Unfortunately in Ireland going carnivore is getting more and more difficult. We cannot get any of the organ meats and the 'fear' of fat is causing cuts to get leaner and leaner. I am I think, in the last few days, back on track and working my way towards OMAD which I never managed before. Your post gives me great encouragement.

  • @PuterMan Thank you for your kind words. Stay strong and always believe in yourself!!

    "Not all who wander down rabbit holes are lost"

  • Puterman, you have great butter there in Ireland to supplement the missing fat from the lean cuts, and you don't need to be eating organ meats. In fact you should limit liver because of the extreme load of Vit A it can give you.

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