Automatic Generation of Recipes or "People Food" Based on Favorites

As one who works nine hours a day, but still has time to come home for lunch, I have time to actually toss a bunch of pre-processed vegetables (peeled, washed, cut into tiny pieces so they'll cook quickly) into a saute pan with some shredded chicken breast tenders and maybe a little rice or quinoa, give it a high-heat saute in a little olive oil, eat it, and get back to work on time.

The idea I have is to create a colorful vegetable medley with as many different vegetables as necessary to prep maybe three days worth, divide them into different containers for each day, then make sure I consume all of each container each day. Call it an experiment, but I want to see what happens if I get 100% of each nutrient each day for a while and see what happens.

So the problem I'm having is that as I sit here and stack up all the different foods I'm willing to eat, I'm finding that some nutrients are climbing faster than others, and some nutrients aren't climbing much at all. Some will be way over the target while some are still lingering in the shadows. For example, selenium is lagging around 20% while Vitamin A is way up at 998%.

So what I'm wondering...and maybe there's a way to do this...I'd rather just be able to provide Cronometer with a list of everything I'm willing to eat and let it tell me how much of each item I'd need to consume to meet all these nutritional requirements without going over too much.

I just used to Suggest Food, which added "lentils, cooked from dried". That's fine. I like lentils. But that shot fiber up to 127%. I'm almost finished adding foods. I'm right at the cap on calories and most every meter is full and in the green, but it's also way over on some things and I've still got a few deficiencies.

All the nutritional numbers are already in the database. Is there or could there be coming a way to just generate a more balanced ingredient list? Ideally, I'd like to actually eat as little as possible while still getting all the nutrients I need. I'm not even sure I could physically eat all the stuff I've put in my list.

Sorry for being so wordy. I just wanted to be clear. Thank you! :smile:


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