Nutrients don't add up?? (Birds Eye, steamed fresh)

Hi everyone, my question is for the item "Birds Eye, steamed fresh, whole grain rice with corn, carrots, and peas"

For this item, how could it be that total protein is 9.5 grams per serving even though all 11 of the amino acids are listed at 0? 0 times 11 doesn't equal 9.5....... soooo


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    That food entry is from the CRDB, so it will only contain macronutrients listed on the original food labels. Most user-submitted brand-named foods in the CRDB will have the same issue. Generic food entries from the NCCDB and USDA will have more complete micronutrient profiles.

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    That's a very useful answer. thanks. So, protein is a macro nutrient...……. so it will correctly say the total amount of protein but won't give amino acid breakdown?

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