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I am able to manually enter a recipe and find it very user friendly. I am, however, having difficulty understanding the serving sizes and how to set them. So let's say I choose weight based and my recipe weighs 1,000 grams and I want it to make 10 servings of 100 grams. How would I set that? How would I do it if I wanted to choose serving size?
I have entered a couple of recipes and thought I had it correct. However, when I came back to the recipe it defaulted back to 1 g. Help!!


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    Hi @CoachinTX thanks for reaching out - the issue with the recipe showing 1g is a bug we are hoping to resolve.
    In terms of setting your serving size you have two options. You can set a weight based serving or you can set a servings based size.
    If you choose a servings based size, enter the serving name and the number of serving you will have in your recipe. So if your recipe weighs 1000 grams enter a serving name, and enter '10' servings per recipe.
    If you choose a weight based serving, enter the number of grams you would like to define in a single serving. So for your case, enter [1] [serving] [10] grams
    you could also choose to enter other convient serving sizes as well. for instance [2] [servings] [20] or [0.5][serving][5]
    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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