The Cronometer web page has been slow for months

For months the Cronometer web page on Windows 10 has be very slow and I've almost stopped using it and usually I do not complete my entries because I'm waiting so long to be able to enter the next item. I use Chrome and I've tried multiple browsers to no avail. I gave it another try today and the same problem. Its taking up too much of my time to use. I really liked it but it is now cumbersome. My internet is excellent and my computer works great, I keep up to date and everything else works well.


  • @best, sorry to hear you've been having trouble with the site. Does this happen only on one browser or on any browser you try? Does it happen on other computers when trying to access your account?
    Have you tried clearing your cache? On Chrome, you can clear you cache by selecting the settings menu and choosing more tool > Clear browsing data. Then choose 'cached images and files'.
    On Firefox, choose the settings menu in the top right corner, then choose "Options" from the drop down Menu. Then choose 'Privacy & Security'. From here, you can choose 'Clear Data' to clear your cache on all websites, or you can choose 'Manage Data' to clear only data from

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  • Yes I've done all of the above, I have used other computers on other networks.It seems to be the crononmeter web page

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