Macronutrient charts in relative (percentage) units (rather than grams)

I would like to track how well I'm following my macro targets (I use percentage targets) over time. The Trends section shows graphs of fat, protein and carbs change over time, but they are displayed in grams (not percentage), and in my case, as my food intake varies quite a bit from day to day, the variations in those graphs are more reflective of my overall calorie intake per day rather than reflecting the variation in the relative contributions of said macronutrients toward the total calorie intake. It would be very useful if one could choose to display fat, protein and carbs in units of percent rather than grams in the charts (this obviously would not be necessary for any other nutrient, vitamins and minerals and such, because there are no macro ratios to keep track of for them, generally). Is this something you would consider adding?


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    This could also be applied to macro nutrient components (sugar, saturated fat, specific amino acids, etc.) as either a percentage of total calories or a percentage of the macro nutrient.

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