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So, earlier I went to zaxbys and got a grilled chicken Cesar Zalad with no croutons and blue cheese dressing. I found the Cesar zalad in Corometer 22g carbs, but not without croutons. How do you track that or know how many grams of carbs are in the zalad?


  • Hi James, we base our nutrition information off of information from lab analysed data sources, or directly from the manufacturer or restaurant themselves. Learn more about our data sources here:

    I would recommend reaching out to the restaurant themselves or checking out their official website for more details. You can then add a custom food on your account: If you have created the food based on official website or restaurant correspondence, you can then submit the food to our database so it can be used by other cronometer users in the future:

    You can also try finding a generic alternative using some of our lab analysed listings.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Thats fine about the data sources. I dont have access to these data sources. How about a wendys baconator with no bun. thats not in cronometers database either. Carb manager tells me it has 3 grams carbs, high in fat and protein. Your app seems to have none of that. Wendys grilled chicken sandwich no bun, Mcdonalds sausage and egg no muffin. This is important for us.
    I went to the sites you listed and there is no way to find out these values. Most restaurant sites will not tell you either. Not made for that.

  • The solution is to log the complete menu item based on published nutrition information then add a negative value of the part of the menu item you did not eat (finding a packaged food equivalent if you just have basic Nutrition Facts or using a lab analyzed equivalent if you have a lab analyzed version of the menu item). It won't be perfect but it is as close as anyone can get without having a lab analyze the modified menu item.

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