How to do Calorie Cycling?

Is there a way to do calorie cycling in Cronometer?


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    They don't have this feature, carb manager has it and it's great, so does lose it chronometer is really behind when it comes to features


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    Hi @KrisMcPeak2015 and @fitgirl ,

    We do not yet have a feature to set different macro targets on each day. We are looking into implementing a macro scheduler feature that would allow you to set different targets for each weekday!


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    @fitgirl That's disappointing! I was just made aware that MM+ does this and considered it because I cycle both calories and carbs, MANY of the people in the weight lifting world are all about that one. I tried it and thought the UI was beyond terrible. But hearing that LoseIt has it AND our mortal enemy CarbManager does as well isn't cool.

    @Marie_Eve_Cronometer I'm sure you don't know, and that's fine, but is there any insight to whether that's a feature that's actively being worked on, or if it's just something you guys are aware of and on a list with a bunch of other stuff?

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