Energy bar higher than allowed calories per day / Setting activity level

Hi guys,

I have something I don't quite understand:
I've been playing with the BMR, with changing my activity level or setting it to none and only tracking what my fitbit puts in, to see how things change.

At the moment I have it set to none and am using fitbit to check how much I move on a regular day.

Now what I don't get is: my energy bar is set to max 1400 cals per day. Starting the day (I haven't logged anything) I am told I can only eat 655 calories TODAY.
Why is that?

And what's your suggestion on setting activity level? Can i set it to what my average fitbit data says?

Thank you


  • @emsi It sounds like there's a few things at play:

    1) Sounds like you have your macro settings on 'Fixed Targets'. Consider changing them to one of the dynamic settings and the energy target will adjust based on the daily exercise, etc..

    2) It's telling you to eat so little because of the low fixed target, and I may guess you might have a pretty aggressive weight-loss goal set, so setting that to a more modest rate for weight loss should also help.

    3) You can link your fitbit directly to cronometer and it will import your fitbit activity into the diary (if you do this, set our general activity estimate to 'None' so it won't double-count).

  • Hi Aaron,
    thanks for your answer. I am following your advice and come up with new questions:

    1. setting the Macros to "Even" gives me a really high number of Protein and Fat intake that I will never be able to reach.
    2. The energy target is now even lower than it was before - the weight loss goal is only about 3 kgs. I lowered the weekly goal, but even so it's very low.
    3. Fitbit is connected - but I would eventually like to not carry it around every day. Can I set it's average as the Activity Level ?


  • @emsi hard to see what's going on here without looking at your account. If you email our we can take a closer look at your specific details.

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