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Saw this being requested on a post form April 2019, would be great to have this were we can 3D Touch the app and we can see right at glance our macros left over and cals, bar scanner, add a food/exersies



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    Hi @fitgirl ,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll add it to our to-do list that 3d-touching (or haptic touch on newer phone models) could bring up a widget!


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    A widget would awesome


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    Totally agree on this. Adding haptic support for the scanner and adding food would be super helpful. Saving a tap or two doesn't seem like much when viewed individually, but it's definitely noticeable over the course of the day.

    I did a trial of Noom and loved how streamlined their food entry capabilities were. But they basically just categorize food into 1 of 3 different categories and don't track nutrients or anything other than calories, so I imagine it's much easier to do in that case. If I remember correctly they had a slider for serving size, which was much more convenient than typing in numbers.

    Right now it takes me 4 taps to enter in one food item via UPC into Cronometer.

    8+ taps to multi-add two foods.

    1. Open App
    2. Tap Plus Icon
    3. Tap Add Food
    4. Tap UPC (for whatever reason, most frequent and most recent don't seem to work properly for me and rarely present relevant food items at the top. Right now my top three most frequent are Coconut Water, Herbal Tea [which I just now scanned three times to test this, and is the only time I've ever scanned this], and salted butter lol. Meanwhile, the vitamins I take every day are at position 7)
    5. Hit Save (assuming I don't need to change serving size, which adds another 2-4 taps)
    6. Tap UPC for next food
    7. Hit Save (assuming no changes to serving size)
    8. Tap add to diary.

    This could all theoretically be simplified down to two taps if there was a UPC option in the haptics menu that just auto-adds one serving of whatever I scan and then is ready to scan again immediately after. I rarely need to adjust the serving sizes when adding, but could do so after if necessary. The most important piece for me is just getting it into the diary as quickly as possible so I have some record as opposed to none on my off-days.

    I realize this sounds super nitpicky, haha. Totally not my intention because I really dig this app. Most days it's not a big deal, but on the one or two days out of the week where I'm just swamped or exhausted or depressed, it feels extra cumbersome having to track food on top of everything so I'll end up not tracking everything or not tracking anything at all. But in my mind those are the days that most need to be tracked.

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