Carbs with European app in latest Android not working.

Cronometer v3.3.7 (b617-AF)

When I enter data using European label the carb count is completely wrong in preview before saving new food. After it saves, at least sometimes it subtracts fibre from carbs.


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    Hi @RobPitt could you email some screenshots indicating the discrepancy to support@cronometer.com?
    Note: the updated food editor now matches the way European labels are laid out! This means that it should be less easy to make mistakes than the previous food editor was, as it puts the correct carb counting format at the top of the page instead of leaving it more hidden in the long list of nutrient fields.
    If the carb count is changing, however, this sounds like it could be a bug and something we should look into!

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    Thought I'd already taken screenshots but I'd only taken one. Will send some next time it does it.

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