Animal vs. Plant Energy/Nutrient Breakdown

I think it would be cool to be able to breakdown how much of total calories and relevant macro-micro nutrients (proteins, iron, etc.) are coming from animal sources versus plant-based sources.


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    Because food genie lets you filter by Vegan / Vegetarian, I think cronometer already knows whether foods are vegan, vegetarian, or neither.

    The problem is that I can't imagine how this information could be presented without redesigning some part of cronometer significantly. The charts page could do you a good job of showing Animal KCal vs Vegetal KCal on a linegraph, but I'm not sure where it would make sense to put a full nutritional breakdown of animal vs non-animal.

    The other problem is foods that are mixed between animal products and vegetal products. In an extreme example: would you want a cereal bar that has less than half of a gram of whey to be classified as an animal nutritional source?

    My suggestion:

    On the website version you can click on each food to see it's nutritional report at the bottom. You can also shift click entries to select multiple items and see their breakdown. I use this all the time to find out how a meal I've had contributed to my daily nutrition.

  • Good point adding a break down for the individual nutrients will be redundant now that you mention it. I do think though that it would be relatively simple to add an Animal kCal vs Plant kCal to the Calories Summary in the Diary Tab in addition to the chart Tab.

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