1st time user, huge load times.

Your website has to be the slowest website I have seen.

When I went to it the first time today the load times were bad but now they are not even usable.

The websites simply does not open, it's loading forever. This happens with Chrome, Opera, IE. I cleared the cookies and cache for this website and still the same.

Before you say you need a strong connection, which seems to be the excuse you are using (I checked previous complaints), my internet is just fine. Speedtesting 10ms/360/36mbps

Definitely not impressed, what I thought would be a good investment to help with my micronutrients, doesn't seem to be good enough.


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    For me, it's fine most of the day, but at around 8 pm UK time, it grinds to a halt if you open the web app or refresh the page. It says that it is getting data from cronometer.com and it either takes several minutes or just gives up and you just get a blank screen. So it looks as though the servers can't cope with the volumes of users at peak times. This is very frustrating.

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