Setting Activity Level vs. Logging Exercise

I am wondering how to get the most accurate calories burned/TDEE calculation using a combination of the Activity Level setting and logging exercise in the diary.

Right now, I have my Activity Level set to Sedentary, because I have a desk job, and then I log my workouts. However, I suppose I could NOT log workouts, and bump up my activity level to the one that is a close match to my workout regimen. Or, if I workout an hour a day, since workout don't just burn calories during exercise but also there is the "afterburn" effect, should I move up my activity level and still log workouts?

I guess my question is -- what do you all do, and what do you think gets you the most accurate estimate?


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    I currently switched to "comatose" on my activity level and use Google Fit and Polar Training Logs to sync my activity. It seems to be a better way to go, along with dynamic targets that adjust to my daily activity.

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