Option to see only English names in food search

Unfortunately, I'm just another monolingual American. A bunch of foods have an English name and a French name. In that case, I'd prefer to never see the French name, even if it did somehow manage to match the search. (Because it just takes up screen space and a small bit of confusion time, but can't add any value for me.)

If/as Cronometer adds support for additional languages in food names, I assume other users would like to see only their preferred language for foods which have names in multiple languages.


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    I've never seen anything show up in French, or any language other than English. Can you give an example? I'll like to try that.

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    edited May 2020

    @snatale42 - using the web interface, go to the Foods tab, select the sub-tab Search Foods and click +Search Foods and look for "Chard, Swiss, Raw" (Food #4197, Data Source: USDAsr:11147). Note the Names section has both English (Chard, Swiss, Raw) and French (Bette à Carde, Crue) names.

    Now click +Search Foods again, click the All tab and enter the text "card" in the search bar and note that "Bette à Carde, Crue" pops up in the list. (I see this particular entry a lot when entering "carrot" into my Favorites search.

    This case isn't particularly annoying, but there are instances when the majority of the matches (in my Favorites tab) are in French. Now that I finally understand what's happening, I'll admit it's not that bad. However, before, I used to go to those French matches, say "why the F* are these French things in my Favorites?" and un-star them. Then, later, I'd wonder why I couldn't find my favorite things in Favorites. Bette à Carde, Crue finally enlightened me.

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    @BrianMI , yup, that did it! I've never seen that happen prior to now. Much just be a food selection thing.

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