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Long time MFP user here, recently switched to Cronometer and am loving it. The one thing I really miss from MFP is their 'day streak' counter that tracks the number of consecutive days one logs food. Seeing this number grow higher was incredibly encouraging.

Wondering if anything like this is on the roadmap for Cronometer?

Thanks for such an awesome system!


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    I've liked Cronometer quite a bit since switching from MFP too. Only used MFP for a bit over a month before looking for something better. Perhaps if I had been a long time user, I might have become more motivated by the counter, I don't know.

    I've found the weight chart on the diary page to be motivating for me-enough that I went through and logged all my scale data for the month and a half before starting to use Cronometer.

    On Cronometer I've been less motivated to record my water intake than I was on MFP. That little icon at the bottom of the MFP filling up then spilling over was encouraging.

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    Hey guys - some exciting news to update you on this topic! We've just released a streak feature that's currently on a phased roll out and we expect everyone to have access by next week. More information can be found here: https://cronometer.com/blog/new-feature-streaks/

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