View Friend/Family's Day (Copy to Own)

On MFP, my wife and I were able to easily take turns entering our days then copy it. For instance, my wife would enter all her food for the day, then I could actually view her day from my account (it was a permission thing) then I could copy each meal in full to my own account and make any minor adjustments. Was a great feature that helped keep me on track... would love to have something similar on Cronometer.


  • Hello! I see this post is over 2 years old... has there been any movement on this request? My wife and I just both switched from MFP and also really liked that feature.

  • Hey Brian - the closest thing we would have right now is the recipe sharing for gold members, so your wife could add everything she ate that day to her diary, create a recipe called "Nov 7" from those entries and share that with you so you could add it quickly to your own diary.

    Creating a recipe from your diary entries is super easy with the 'create recipe from selection' function. Multi-select all of the food entries, and either right-click or use the three dot menu on the mobile app.

    Here's a user manual article that will help you set up the sharing feature!

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