Most useful devices for use with Cronometer?

What devices are people finding most useful to use with Cronometer?

I'm a brain health and performance coach and I'm evaluating a half dozen different sleep and fitness trackers, as my clients use a huge range of devices and some ask me for recommendations. At this point I'm starting to really focus on the full range of devices that work well with Cronometer, to start suggesting to my clients, as options, for other quantified self metrics.

So far I've tried Fitbit (Charge 3), BioSense, and Oura with Cronometer syncing.. I have a few others that don't sync (Whoop strap, Wellue O2Ring, Huawei Honor 5, BioStrap), and I've ordered a Withings scale to test, although without the Cardio option. I also ordered a Withings temp scanner, so we will see if that also syncs.

The Oura, Fitbit, and Apple health pulling from other devices all report as expected, though diverge in numbers a bit, also as one expects. I'm working on a summary of the usability experience differences across a bunch of devices, that I'll share in a few weeks, elsewhere on the interwebs. If that sounds interesting I'll post the link into this thread, too.

But TLDR; What devices are people using and enjoying and finding really useful to see against all the other Cronometer data? How about the Withings sleep tracking pad or fitness watch? The Quardio scale? The Quardio BP cuff? Something else? :)



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