Calories Summary - Consumed

In the section Calories Summary - Consumed, are those percentages rounded up or rounded down? So if it is 5% calories from fat, would that include 4.5% (rounding up) to 5.4% (rounding down)? Thanks.


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    edited July 2020

    They are rounded up or down, as you described.

    If you want to see the exact number, just take your total calories from the macronutrient, which can been seen by hovering over it, and divide it by your calories consumed. Then multiply it by 100.

    Example: My fat for yesterday was 29%. The break down is 623.6 calories from fat dived by 2149 kcal (calories consumed), which equals 0.29018. Multiplied by 100 equals 29.018%.

    Fats help your body absorb some nutrients and produce important hormones, too.

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