Minimizing Groups

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It would be nice to be able to minimize groups so that I don't have to look at all groups with all items, all of the time.

I always explode my recipes because I have a habit of updating/overwriting them. Implode isn't really necessary if we can minimize a group.


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    I have recipes that I modify regularly. I simply choose not to update the old entries when updating - no need to explode the old entries.

    I do like the idea of being able to collapse groups. Between not being able to collapse and having the groups not being able to be reordered, the features requests regarding groups are not selling me on the idea that they would add value to me.

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    @robartsd To be honest, if they did not have groups, I probably wouldn't use cronometer; that's how much I value them. They're the reason I opted for gold. I eat six meals throughout the day, and they allow me to keep everything orderly. Plus, I love that each group displays detailed nutritional information for just that one group. I can tell at a glance whether I'm hitting my personal macro targets for that meal or not. For me, they're invaluable.

    I delete or retire old entries. I'm not a fan of clutter. lol

    You may not be able to re-order groups, but you can re-label groups in any order you like, which effectively allows you to determine what order they're in.

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