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I suffer from light-sensitive migraines and headaches, and when I track my food on cronometer it's sometimes an intensely bright and painful experience where I can't wait to finish and get off the site. I am wondering if we could have a toggle or a setting for a dark theme so that I don't have to stare at the website equivalent of a white flashlight right into my retinas. Thanks!


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    I'd love to see a dark theme too.

    Until the Cronometer design team adds a dark mode, you may be helped by a browser extension such as Dark Reader for Google Chrome.

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    Yes, PLEASE! I literally hopped on the forums just to post this after realizing even after updating to Gold that it's still not an option. I also suffer from light sensitivity and was having a rough time looking at the app last night. Would love to eventually "customize" background color/themes for Cronometer, but at the very least, a night mode would be amazing. :)

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    I have asked about having call customization in the past and they said at this time they have no plans on doing that, lose it has a customization colour feature and it’s awesome.


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    My god why isn't there a dark mode yet? lol. I love the app, but it is offensively bright.

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    Would be nice if the web app would support dark mode as well :smile:

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    We would love to @oliverw21! We are pretty excited about finally being able to support dark mode on mobile, so hopefully one day we can offer a dark mode for web as well! There are a few browser extensions that are possible to use to create a web dark mode for your browser - they aren't perfect but can be helpful in the meantime!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Hi, I do not find the promised setting for dark mode:
    There is just no "display" entry in the settings of the app. I use Android 9.
    I hated the super bright white app so much that I continued using the web page on my tablet forever... until now... hopeful that the long wait came to an end now...?

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    @Lolinda, is your Cronometer app updated? My settings look different than yours, and the Theme setting is located under a section marked Display. I don't have a General section like you do.

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    edited July 2021

    I wanted to answer: "yes, of course, I do have autoupdate." But fortunately, I searched a bit more and found something surprising: there are two Crono apps in the Android playstore:
    -- Cronometer - Nutrition Tracker
    -- Cronometer (ad free)
    The first is the new one featuring dark mode. The second is an old version! I had the old version on a new device! How come? When switching to a new device, I always go to "my apps and games" -> " library" and install all the apps I used on my previous device. It is super practical. But now I learned: This way I am susceptible to using ancient-old versions of apps that are probably still around just be cause they were the only ones compatible with my previous (very old) device!!!
    So, thank you! - Without your question I would have never discovered this!!

    ->->-> To the Crono developers:
    is it possible to catch these cases like me and provide them with a message "there is a new version...." ? There will be many people out there intalling new devices using that efficient method I described... And you guys are giving us so much happiness that we can have dark mode!!!

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